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Russell Doggett

Time Warner Cable
Senior Account Executive

"Dianne and I worked on several advertising opportunities with her clients and my company Time Warner Cable Media sales.

She is diligent, thorough, trustworthy and works hard and long to make sure her clients have everything they need to make the right advertising choice. I would hire her, work for her or work with her again without any hesitation.

She is one of those that "gets it", and understands that customer first, is what this business is truly all about. One of the many qualities I truly appreciate in Dianne is that she doesn't hide behind the electronic communication of constant e-mails back and forth and instead attacks the task at hand with a "let's take care of this right now" attitude! Many of our finest moments were cell phone to cell phone after hours, finishing the details in order to move forward and do business. I wish there were more out there like her."