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Strategic Planning

METHOD Marketing + Media understands the importance of buying beyond the numbers. There’s a difference between a Buy that achieves a point goal and a quality Buy that reaches the same point goal but better targets the primary audience. We know the effective reach and frequency levels and we meet them so your schedules work to the best of their ability. We make the most of your advertising budget.

We spend your money as if it were our own, planning the most efficient and effective media schedules. We’ve helped both new and established companies define their market, identify the demographics of their target audience and evaluate market trends. From this research we design a marketing plan which includes goals, strategy, rationale and a system for evaluation.

Planning Tools: Scarborough, SQAD, SRDS, Media Audit, MRI



Media Buying means negotiating, period. Well, and an OCD-like love for organization and attention to detail. We have a firm grasp on these things as well as an understanding for the nuances of research and implementation. It’s about taking a strategic plan and stretching the dollar value as far as it will go.

A simple breakdown of our Media Buying Services includes:
•    Research of all relevant media vendors
•    Requests for media vendor proposals
•    Evaluation of all components
•    Firm but fair negotiation of media rates
•    Value-Added inclusion
•    Finalization of the Buy
•    Generation of insertion orders
•    Confirming of schedules
•    Full Disclosure Reporting to the client
•    Invoice reconciliation
•    Affidavits and proof of performance
•    Payment to media vendors
•    Post-buy recaps

Buying Tools: Nielsen Ratings, Arbitron Ratings, Smart Plus Buying Software



Our job is not over when the Buy is complete. Through Posting we ensure that your schedules ran as ordered, with no mistakes or surprises. METHOD analyzes the program’s deliverables to determine the accuracy and success of the Buy. We demand compensation for under-delivery. Where available, METHOD compiles competitive spending reports to give you a fair idea of what your competitors are doing and to keep you abreast of market activity.