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•   Media research

•   Planning & Recommendations

•   Traditional media buying:

          Broadcast, Network & Spot Television

          Network & Local Cable Television

          Syndicated & Local Radio




          Movie theater

          Direct mail

•   Interactive media buying:

         Online media

         Search engine optimization

         Search engine marketing

         Online brand analysis

         Competitive analysis

•   Trafficking and shipping of creative materials

•   Stewardship of media buys

•   Invoice reconciliations

•   Post-buy analysis

•   Competitive monitoring & tracking



METHOD Marketing + Media provides a variety of services that reach above and beyond the normal media buying service. We have developed professional partnerships with some of the best in the business to help with creating, producing and editing your television and radio spots as well as tagging, making dubs and distributing. Those partnerships also lend themselves to creating and distributing any print materials, including newspaper, magazine, out-of-home and collateral pieces.