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MMM Experience

The lowest rate is not always the best rate for our clients. By staying focused on your target market METHOD will ensure a skillful balance between the lowest rate possible and strategic placement of your ads. Whenever possible, "added value" is negotiated with the media to extend the life of a campaign or to increase frequency and enhance efficiency of a Buy. We have a reputation for being very aggressive negotiators.

Media Relationships
One of the intangibles of being in this game for so many years is the relationships. We take pride in the media relationships we've developed over the years. While we use these relationships to provide the best service possible for our clients, they never get in the way of our rate negotiation process.


We respect the confidentiality of our clients' businesses and their media plans. We never share budget or marketing plan information with any other client. We also enjoy a well-deserved reputation of trust with the media and we always pay our vendors on time.

Diversity of Clients
Over the years we've found that having a diverse client list has enabled us to cross promote among them. Many times this is accomplished without the assistance of the media, saving our client's time and money.


All of our clients have our cell phone numbers and know that we can be reached at any time. Media representatives know they can meet with us and that we will not only communicate client goals to help them provide us the best media plan possible, but also relay any research or ideas they may have back to the client.